• Wendy Newman

    Wendy Newman

    Dating, Sex & Relationship Expert and Author of 121 First Dates (Simon & Schuster). Over 70,000 women trust Wendy’s advice, tools, & experience. WendySpeaks.com

  • May Hemm

    May Hemm

    Hotwife, cheating and cuckold confessions. I turn them into erotica for all to enjoy.

  • Viney Kirpal

    Viney Kirpal

    Writer, Life and Career Coach, Educator. Interested in health and people’s well-being.

  • Deada Hyka

    Deada Hyka

    The art of being a working mom 🤩

  • Clement Brian

    Clement Brian

    I write. My aim is to help others and positively impact the world. Personal website + resources: https://clementbrian.com

  • James Stephens, J.D.

    James Stephens, J.D.

    Historian and Juris Doctor. My bailiwick is politics, philosophy, history, law, and Christianity. Focus: “What makes a good citizen?”. Please subscribe. Thanks!

  • Din Sudiro

    Din Sudiro

    Writing related to the health field, philosophy, culture, art, and design.

  • Ahmed Tarek

    Ahmed Tarek

    I am a Software Engineer. I blog about .NET, JavaScript and some Frameworks 😉 Follow me on Twitter @ AhmedTarekHasa1, and LinkedIn @atarekhasan

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